Back in January, we received an adoption story. Since then we’ve had an update so we’ll run them both here as a PAWSitive Endings. We are so happy when people continue to update us. Not everyone would be willing to keep Beau and somehow find the money and the energy to care for him through not one but two dislocated knees. You guys are awesome and I’m sure both dogs love you to pieces.

Thank you for sharing your stories.

“Hi. My fiancé and I would like to share our adoption story on your page!
We adopted Beau back in November 2018 after settling into our new home. We saw how much he truly loved other dogs as we traveled home over the holidays. In mid-January, we took him back to NEW PAWSibilities to meet a potential little sister! This is when we picked up Daisy! They are now the best of friends and Daisy is celebrating her 1st birthday today (January 28) with some homemade snow day dog treats!

Just wanted to send another update! We adopted Beau back in November and Daisy in January both from New PAWSibilities! They are both loving their first summer together with their underground dog fence and they get to go camping too! Beau is also recovering nicely from his double knee surgery in May! He had two dislocated knees (bad genetics)! Thank you for all you do as a shelter!” — Ally Wainwright