Shortly after they lost their two big dogs within six months of each other the last thing the Trepasso family thought they wanted was another dog. How do you replace a loved and valued member of your family?

Once you have a dog, however, you know that a house is just not a home without a dog and so, with no intention of actually adopting, they came to NEW PAWSibilities “just to look.” Obviously, Daisy, previously called Fluffy, had other plans.

Now, eighteen months later, they can’t imagine life without their wonderful Daisy.  She is her dog-daddy’s truck riding sidekick and quite the mouser.  Daisy loves to run and run and run and then comes in to nap in her chair.

According to the entire family, Daisy keeps them all on their toes and they wouldn’t have it any other way. She is a great addition to their home. We are always thrilled to play matchmaker and even happier to post pictures and share their good news.