I met a woman with a dog a few months ago on one of our many, many walks we do each day. Coconut loves people and dogs and Linda seemed like someone I’d like to get to know and Bailey is a wonderful girl. She’s a mini Golden Retriever and absolutely adorable. Bailey, not Linda. Pronouns can be so confusing. With COVID we never got together to do a play date but she did keep my number.

I ran into her a second time and she walked me to my house and we chatted and the dogs played along the way and I remember feeling sad that I could not freely invite her in for a cup of coffee or an early lunch because of COVID.

A couple of days ago she texted me to ask if Coconut was going to daycare. I had told her what a blessing it is to have Coconut in daycare a couple of days a week. So having one surgery is bad. Having two is really bad and when they involve a keen and a hand that makes it super hard to walk your dog. She said that Bailey is quite energetic and was being naughty because of being cooped up inside. I’d met this little bundle of fun and I knew she wasn’t naughty at all. She has been bored and needed exercise like any dog or human being.

I know from experience that a tired dog is a good dog so yesterday we picked up Bailey and the dogs had a blast at daycare. I knew Bailey and would do well but I figured being with another high-energy dog she knew would make it even better.

In the afternoon I texted Linda to let her know what time we would be back with Bailey. As we were leaving NEW PAWS I called and she said she had slept the entire day! I think her body knew she needed rest.

As usual, Coconut greeted me with abandon, went over to pee, and then jumped into the back seat. Bailey was already there because she was so tired she didn’t both with the greeting or peeing. I sat in the passenger seat and Bailey poked her head through the hole in the front and rear barrier that Coconut had created and kissed me. Not to be outdone Coconut gave me a kiss and they both settled down for the ride home.

Linda said she’d never seen Bailey so calm as when we dropped her off. Exhaustion will do that.

Later Linda texted that Bailey got into the apartment and somehow made it into the couch and collapsed. She didn’t attack the cat or drink water. Just look at this tired little cutie. Today she asked if they’d given Bailey doggy downers. Nope, just the magic of exercise.

Daycare is perfect any time of the year but it’s really the best during winter. When it’s snowy and icy walking your dog is the last thing you might want to do. Linda is so sold on the value of daycare that Bailey and Coconut are going back on Friday and she’s looking at doing a twice-weekly routine.

Besides it being such great exercise and mentally stimulating for your dog it’s good to have a break. No matter how much we love our dogs there are places we can’t take them or maybe, like Linda, we need a nice long nap.

When Jim started NEW PAWSibilities it was designed to have daycare, boarding, and grooming be profit centers to pay the rent, utilities, securities, salaries, etc. By doing that we could rescue more dogs and keep adoption fees lower. With COVID everything has changed and with people not traveling and many working from home or still being unemployed our income has plummeted even though we are now open after being closed for over two months due to the lockdown.

We offer extended daycare and boarding hours. Please call to reserve your time and date for daycare and boarding. Your dog will thank you!