I’ve been involved with NEW PAWSibilities for over a year and I have never seen our available dogs at such a small number. You guys are amazing and we thank you for adopting so many dogs who now are warm and safe and happy in their new homes. However, that doesn’t mean our current dogs don’t need homes. They do!
We don’t know their history. But we do know that several of our dogs have been with us for four months and even longer. You know what else we know? We know that these are good dogs, in fact, good is not a strong enough word to describe these dogs. Let’s use the words, exceptional, strong, remarkable. They have survived unfathomable conditions before they ever entered Wisconsin or this rescue. Maybe they lost their person, a steady meal, routine vet care. These are only the basics and it for some it was so much worse. We just don’t know.
We do know that these are lovely dogs who want a home as much as every other dog. They have been overlooked. Our staff knows these dogs in a far deeper way than that two-month-old puppy. They know these dogs deserve a chance for a fuller, happier life.
A shelter is not a home. Any dog who can survive months living in a shelter and not give up while retaining their personality is a resilient dog with a solid temperament. That means that with training and love and time you are going to have a dog of a lifetime if you take a chance.
Dogs who stay with us for longer than average stints are not unloved or neglected. Our staff often has time to work with them on basic commands or at least identify what these remarkable dogs already know. This could make the transition into your home much easier. Our staff each have their favorite dog of the few that are left behind in favor of a newer dog being adopted. We rejoice in every adoption and we are so grateful for each person who chooses any dog to complete their family. But when one of our favorite dogs goes home we rejoice and are happy for you and your new pet. And we are always here for phone calls. We will be your allies with every adoption. But with our long-stay dogs, we want to do all we can to make it work.
Working at a shelter we want to save every life. Our shelter manager has four dogs. And five children! And if he had room there are a few more he’d bring home. No, dogs, not kids. No one can save them all. But when you save a dog who has been in a shelter, sometimes for his or her entire life you’re not just saving a life, you’re profoundly changing one.
My dog was only at NEW PAWSibilities for about three weeks before he chose us. I don’t know how long he was a stray and then stayed in our Kentucky shelter before he was transported here. His adoption photo shows a skinny, withdrawn dog. A month later he doesn’t look like the same animal! He’s happier, healthier, and is flourishing. Want to know a secret? I am, too. No matter how good a shelter is, how great the staff and volunteers are, a shelter will never compare to a home with a family.
When I started posting pictures of my dog Coconut on Facebook people around the world, and I do mean in many, many states outside of Wisconsin and also countries outside of the US, rejoiced. I got to spread joy! When Coconut and I go into a dog-friendly restaurant or store people are happy. Their faces light up, they want to pet him and love on him. He makes people happy and that’s a good thing.
Part of our mission is to break the stigma of un-adoptability. There is no unadoptable dog. Every rescue dog is so very awesome and so very deserving of a home. Our long-stay dogs are exactly the same as any other dog we rescue. How many adjectives would make this overkill? They are loyal. They are kind. They are athletic, entertaining, clever, affectionate, cuddly, charming, determined, protective, fun-loving, mischievous, sweet, and so much more.
When you come in to visit that one dog you’ve been eyeing on our website, maybe take a chance and ask to see one of our dogs who has continually been overlooked. We want you to have the perfect dog for you. And it might be a dog who just arrived and that’s fantastic. But taking a chance means that one of our incredibly special dogs could choose you and make you their new best friend.
Please visit our website at www.newpawsibilities.com to learn more about each long-stay dog, adoption fees, and the process. All dogs are deleted as soon as they are adopted so always check first to make sure they are still available.
We are located at 2300 Algoma Blvd in Oshkosh from 7:00 – 6:00 Monday – Friday, 8:00 – 5:00 on Saturday, and Sunday from 9:00 – 4:00. You can also feel free to call 920-385-0809 to ask specific questions.
As always, thank you for all you do in so many ways!