There are many reasons we love getting PAWSitive Ending stories even when they are not signed. We love knowing that what we do matters, but somehow it’s even better when we know it was an instant success.
Most of the time there are bumps in the road. Some of them are serious bumps and some so serious it means a dog needs to come back to us which makes us sad. But the overwhelming bumpy stories have happy endings. I know mine did. Here’s one that was forwarded to me so I don’t know who is the brave and lovely soul who never gave up on Lyle.
“Hello, I’ve been meaning to let you know, for a long time now, how much I am so appreciative for what you do.
This is Lyle aka Monty. He came to our family three-and-a-half-years ago. It wasn’t easy, he drank from puddles, ate bugs, ate our couch among other things the first year…but he’s always been loved.
We couldn’t imagine life without him. He’s so sweet. He’s the big one on the right.”