We have the best community ever. Dog lovers tend to be compassionate and they love to spread happiness and hope wherever they go. Julie Mayer sent the sweetest story with a sign of hope we all need. Thank you so much, Julie.
I have a nice little story that happened last year that I thought about as I was going through my pictures.
My sister, who is a total animal lover, adopted two dogs from New Pawsibilities three years ago. At the time, she also had a senior cocker spaniel named Buddy. Last year, Buddy passed away, due to his age.
One day, she was really thinking about him and decided to get photos printed off as he was weighing heavy on her heart. While on her way to pick them up, she was thinking about him. Something made her look up at the sky and saw this formation of clouds.
She pulled off and took the picture, a minute later it was gone. I just thought of what the world is dealing with, this was an inspirational story to share.
May it give others comfort.”Julie Mayer