Good Monday morning! We hope you had a great weekend with our fabulous weather. Perfect for dog walking, hiking, dog parks, patio dining, and more.

One family is having the best first week with their new dog and we are thrilled for them. THIS! This is why we do what we do and we are thrilled things are going so well. Congratulations!!!

“I want to send you guys a quick update on Sammy (previously Samboy) and the first week at home with us!

Our daughter is being treated for anxiety and panic attacks. Although she has wanted a dog for a long time when it was actually about to happen the thought of change from our normal routine with just a cat made her very scared, and she was sent into panic attack mode as we completed the adoption.

But I’m so happy to say that she (and our cat) has really grown to love Sammy quickly in this first week. He has been sleeping by her almost every night, has great inside manners, loves playing outside, and car rides.

He still has such a mellow disposition but is also really coming out of his shell – meeting lots of our family (and their dogs too) this week, playing (very nicely) with our cat Malcolm, and taking lots of walks around the neighborhood. I have a few fun pics of his first week 😊” — Marissa Selner