Yesterday a friend of mine posted the following on her Facebook page.
“Random musings this afternoon. You find a penny on a public bathroom. Do you pick it up or pass?”
My answer seemed like the only way to respond. Of course! Take the penny to the sink, turn on the hot water, douse it and your hands in soap, and wash both. Right?
The answer from well over seventy-five percent of the responders was to just walk away. These are the two most frequent comments?
There are so many germs! Yeah, that’s why you wash it in the readily available sink.
It’s just a penny.
Some people said they only bend over for paper money. Wow.
I pick up every coin I find. A few weeks ago, a company came in with a donation. They had done a coin drive, trust me, there were a lot of pennies included, and they donated over $300.00. That was enough to not only adopt a dog but also to buy a leash and collar. It was enough to spay or neuter three dogs.
It’s easy to say we can’t donate to a cause we believe in because we don’t have enough for our needs. I’ve had times in my life when that was true and then some. But sometimes we can donate spare change, or what we pick up off the ground, and that money adds up.
We are a small shelter and we do not get government funds. We had a successful fundraiser recently and those funds were earmarked for our spay/neuter fund which is our greatest expense outside of rent and payroll. But there are so many expenses in rescuing dogs and finding them homes.
We appreciate all of you who round up your adoption fee to give us a donation. The food, leashes, collars, beds, grooming, and other items help us with our mission.
If you have spare change maybe you’ll want to start saving it to donate to us. It’s a great way to help your children learn about the value of giving.
And the next time you to find a penny, think about picking it up for us. A penny saved is a penny earned is something Benjamin Franklin said. A penny picked up is a penny donated is an even better saying.
Not everyone can adopt. Not everyone can sponsor. Not everyone can volunteer. No everyone can donate. But we can all educate. And if we can do more that’s even better. Just do something to help all these dogs. The benefits are great for the dogs, for you, and our community.