If you ever wonder why we do what we do then reading this will help you to understand. Ziva is one of the dogs we rescued the first year we were open and we love hearing from their owners. Thank you to Haley for the message, the photos, and the donation. Seriously, people like this are why we keep going even though it’s hard, there’s never enough money, and did I mention it’s hard?
“I would like to extend a huge thank you to NEW PAWSibilities for making possible the adoption of our girl, Ziva (previous name of Gizelle).
My parents and I adopted her a little over 7 years ago, and we love and adore our sweet pup. Ziva is an outdoor gal who loves to hunt, sniff out squirrels and rabbits, and play fetch (apple fetch is one of her favorite activities!).
She will always remain loyal to and protect her family but absolutely loves meeting new people, as expressed by her furious tail-wagging!
Our family is truly blessed to have Ziva in our lives, and as a way to show our gratitude, I stopped in today with a donation for New Paws.
Thank you again for all of the hard work you put into saving our furry friends and finding them great forever homes ” — Haley Quandt