I never set out to have a dog own me, trust me, our dogs own us, nor did I never see myself using an app to identify plants and pull weeds. So many, many weeds. But this summer my life has been all about dogs and gardens.

A few weeks ago I needed some help in getting an ID on three plants we inherited when we bought the house. That’s the app part. The owners of the house next door do not have gutters so this area is like a rain gulley. Nothing is thriving and we are trying to decide where to move everything and we’re turning this area into a rock garden. Rocks love water.

One of these blossoms on this Casablanca Lily, that’s what the app told me at least, fell off probably due to the rain. But we have two others waiting to open. I had to hold this beauty up to get a picture. But it bloomed! Imagine how awesome this plant will be when we move it. This is the first time in three years we’ve had any blooms.

The other day I was talking to a staff person about our dogs. Chuck is a lovely two-year Terrier/Mix who is a super happy dog around other dogs. He plays nicely and has a smile on his face. Yes, dogs do smile.

But here’s the deal. We’re not sure about his background, he does have some scars which isn’t uncommon for a Kentucky stray dog. He’s beautiful and happy with our staff and other dogs but a little nervous when he first meets people.

He’s kind of like the Casablanca Lily who was planted in the wrong spot. The lily isn’t standing upright and it doesn’t have as many blooms as it would have had if it had been planted in the right area. But once it moves it’s going to explode into the best Casablanca Lily ever.

And so it is with Chuck. He wasn’t planted in the right “soil” in Kentucky. He likely doesn’t know much about people and whoever comes to meet him is going to have to be patient. They are going to have to spend extra time and understand that he might shake and shiver, he might cower, but eventually, he is going to blossom unto the best dog ever.

We’ve seen this happen time and time again. Rescuing from a high kill shelter is not just about saving a life. Rescuing dogs like Chuck is all about planting them in the right “soil” so that they are happy around dogs and adults and children and people walking down the street.

I adopted one of those Casablanca Lily dogs. He hung around NEW PAWSibilities for several weeks until we decided that this little, shy, underweight dog was something special. And we were right. We’d never swap our dog for any dog in the world.

Come in and meet Chuck. Spend some time and you’ll understand that he’s going to be a wonderful companion.

And next year our Lily will be even better she is right now. Funny how when plants are in the right location with the correct soil and sun they blossom. The same goes for dogs.