Coconut got used to sleeping in our bed nestled between us during the winter. As the weather got hotter all I could think of was that heavy coat pushing into me as I fight to stay warn under the fans. Yes, plural. You see, we have no air conditioning and so a dog in the bed was concerning. But how would I break his heart?
As it turns out I didn’t have to. Dogs are very smart and this one figured out that pushing his little body next to mommy was not at all comfortable and he’s slept on the floor these past few months. Even his bed is too hot for him it seems.
At then on Tuesday while I was brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed Coconut jumped on the bed, made a beeline to his space between us, and from the sounds that came from his mouth you would have thought that he as a cat purring after a nice full meal and a belly rub. That night we didn’t need any fans at all because it was so pleasant. It happened again last night and all was good in our world.
Today it’s going to hit 90 and even higher tomorrow. We are going to have to do a GoFundMe page to pay our water bill for all these plants in the yard. And I can bet you this little love of my life will not be up on the bed tonight or tomorrow.
Dogs are smart that way. But they are also sweet to their people. Every day Coconut chose to sleep on the floor while we sweltered in the bed he still jumped on the bed to kiss us good morning. Well, lick. And then he assumes the position for his rubs and cuddles.
No matter how hot it was the night before that he slept away from us, Coconut needed to start his day of being touched and assured that we’re still his people. Maybe we needed that from him, too.
Aren’t dogs special?
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