Life is full of firsts with a baby or a toddler or even a teenager. Oh, that would be with a new dog for this discussion. And guess who is more nervous about my dog sleep away from home for the first time? It’s certainly not Coconut.

I’m going to visit my lovely mother-in-law in Naples tomorrow. We have the house sitter all set, but she can’t get my dog from daycare in time because of her work schedule so the only option is boarding. Yes, a week in warm weather spending time with such a lovely and gracious woman will be nice. I get to see some other family members from another lifetime ago and that will also be delightful. But then there’s my dog.

The funny thing is that Coconut goes to daycare three days a week and loves it. He knows all the fabulous staff and has many doggy friends. I’m not in the least bit worried that my dog will be sleeping at NEW PAWSibilities instead of at my house. Though I do wonder what he’ll think when no one chases him upstairs and plays the night-night game and whispers secrets in his ear. Yeah, it’s a thing we started when we first got him and he was scared and shaky. Now he’s a big two-year-old and we still do it. Except for tonight.

Dog boarding is the perfect solution for when you are on vacation or have family or business obligations. Boarding is a home away from home that is safe, reliable and fun. Rather than having your dog stay alone in a crate with the occasional person coming in to let the dog out and feed him, NEW PAWSibilities provides the best care possible, in a clean and safe environment that your dog will love.

There are two options for how you want your dog to board. Because Coconut is so familiar with the drill I know he’ll be much happier with group play with our daycare pups and some of our rescue dogs. This helps reduce stress, eliminates boredom, wears them out to help them sleep all night long, plus they have a great experience!

You might choose the second option if you know your dog will adjust better without the stimulation of new dogs then dogs will be in the larger indoor kennel with walks and outdoor time separate from the others.  Family pets can stay in the same suite or in individual suites depending on your pet’s preference.

NEW PAWSibilities offers to board on a reservations-only basis 365 days a year. Call 920-385-0809 to make your reservation today! For $20.00 a day, $30.00 for two dogs, $37.00 for three, you can be sure your dog will be well taken care of safely and with lots of love.

I’m more nervous about me being separated from Coconut. He’s my emotional support dog and I could fly him with me for free, but it’s so stressful to flying during the holiday peak season. I know Coconut will have a blast. I hope I do as well.

Note: All boarders must be up-to-date on all vaccinations, spayed or neutered over the age of six months, and have a collar and leash. Please bring enough food for the duration of the stay in a sealed non-breakable container, labeled with the dog’s name, the owner’s last name, amount to feed and a variety of food.  We do not offer house food, as we feel your dog’s system does best on what they are used to eating. Any required medications labeled with the dosage amounts and times to dispense.