True heroes never think they are real heroes. At least that’s the case with Catie Haase. She was looking a dog who would fit perfectly into her family when she found Kandy, now called Rudy.

Some people would have been put off by the fact that this little pooch had lost an eye. Instead, that’s what drew her to Catie and after a speedy application process, she was all set to bring home her adorable and resilient girl home. Shortly before Halloween, she had the privilege of meeting and adopting Kandy. Here’s what Catie has to say about her new dog.

“Her name is now Ruby and I just wanted to thank you. She is wonderful and silly. The perfect snuggle buddy. She collects my son’s small stuffed animals and treats them like her babies. She is adorable with them. Thank you once again.” 

Thank YOU, Catie, for looking beyond her missing eye and seeing her heart and all the love she had to give. We could not be happier that it’s a match. In our hearts, you are a hero.