A Dog, Kids, and the Sun

Dogs have this amazing ability to help us feel normal, like nothing horrible is happening. Dogs have a way of loving us to the point where we know everything will turn out all right as long as we have a buddy at home making life better.

It was in the 40s yesterday and so we had had lots of dog walks. We have a huge enclosed back yard but that is not what Coconut wants. He wants to saunter and smell his territory and say hello to people and dogs. When he has days on end when the weather is bad and no one else is outside it makes him sad.

But yesterday was a good day. We started our walks at 6:45 when the air was crisp but not uncomfortable. The little girl not even a block away asked if she could take Coconut by the leash and run with him back and forth. The joy in her screams like woke someone up in one of the houses they passed but they didn’t care. To be honest, I didn’t either. I talked with her dad about his business and the neighborhood and this and that. Just like a normal day.

We walked to the library and the post office later in the day followed by the hotel for my Rotary meeting and Gary walked Coconut. After I crossed the street I turned my head and there stood my little brown dog, feet planted firm, defiantly refusing to leave without his dog-mom. It wasn’t until I walked into the building that Gary got him to leave and then he moped until I got back home to take him on yet another walk.

This time we saw three boys walking home from school. You know, like normal times. They spied Coconut and started screaming his name and running. I held onto his leash because it’s a busy street.

They got to us and Coconut started squirming, trying his best to get loose until they all knelt down and there were doggy kisses and he was all over them. They laughed and laughed in the sunshine with the dog jumping on them as they rolled around in the remnant of the snow now dirty and bedraggled.

The youngest looked at his brother and had the biggest smile ever. “We got to go to school and see our friends and we got to see Coconut!”

Coconut is shedding now and as the oldest one was petting him he noticed the hair on his hand and asked was Coconut going bald. I explained about undercoats and shedding so they aren’t so hot for the summer. All three boys listened to the explanation and stroked Coconut to see all the hair on their hands.

It was just a perfect time as if the pandemic had never happened. I asked them if they were happy to be back at school. The youngest one is about 6. He looked quite serious and said he ain’t never gonna complain again.

I’m thinking I need to bake some cookies for these kids.

There’s something that happens with kids and dogs. There’s a joy that’s infectious, when the world just seems like it will eventually right itself.

Take a walk and find some kids. It will make life better at least for that moment in time.


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