A dog is not a toy. A dog is part of a family, not just another thing you can throw away.

I never dreamed my life would involve so much about dogs. Besides my own little guy, I write about dogs every day. I write one or more Facebook posts. I write all the bios. I’m researching breeds and falling in love over, and over, and over each day.

As you may know, NEW PAWSibilities is 501c3 a no-kill dog shelter in Oshkosh serving families in Northeast Wisconsin since 2012. Over five thousand dogs have been rescued from a high-kill shelter and placed into lifelong, loving homes since opening. Let that sink in. You are part of the process of saving those dogs. Your dog was on death row. Your family and friends who saved a dog made sure they did not die. We’re talking puppies, seniors, and everything in between.

A small team of dog-loving, compassionate people consisting of a working board, paid staff and volunteers provide basic needs for the dogs and work towards eliminating the stigma of “un-adoptability.” Easy-to-place dogs, those needing rehabilitation, and older dogs are all welcome at the facility. The goal is to find an adopter whose lifestyle and family configuration is a perfect match for one of these amazing shelter dogs. Many dogs find their new home within days of being featured on the website. The longest wait has been four months, but no healthy dog is ever euthanized. NEW PAWSibilities is the only dog rescue center in Northeast Wisconsin that is open seven days a week, offers doggy daycare, boarding, and grooming all of which help to fund the rescue mission.

Dogs end up in the shelter in Kentucky’s poorest county for many reasons. Divorce, death, fires, life changes. Those are valid though disturbing reasons for a homeless dog. But some people just get bored. Or they can’t afford the care and feeding of a pet. Or they did not get their dog spayed or neutered and puppies are left to die because no one cares.

This post is all about saying thank you. Thank you to Jim and Chance, Drew, Candi, and you. Mostly, thank you to those who have opened your home and your hearts to these incredible, life-changing dogs. Without your support, we would not exist. Thank you.