You’ve seen these pictures all over Facebook, on TV ads, and newspapers. You know where you have not seen this? At NEW PAWSibilities.
We believe dogs should play and have fun with doggie doors to be able to go in and out at they please. Would you want to live in a cage all day only coming out to meet someone and then go back in the cage, curled up in a ball, wondering when things will change?
We don’t think you’d like that and we certainly know our dogs don’t either.
We are a different kind of rescue/shelter. Our dogs stay in kennels to sleep but the rest of the time they have the choice of playing with dogs in their size categories or to curl up away from the play by themselves.
People are often surprised when they come to meet dogs that they aren’t allowed to go in back and see all the dogs at once and choose who they want to meet. Instead, we have computers set up so that people can see the dogs, read the bios, ask the counselors questions, and then go into private rooms to interact with dogs one at a time. It’s such a great way to meet dogs!
You might come in and know exactly which dog is “yours” or maybe you have zero idea of a specific dog. People see our awesome sign and stop in because we’re open and have free parking. Our adoption counselors are wonderful at helping people choose the perfect dog for their family.
Every time you see a picture or an ad like this think of the way we care for our dogs. We know it helps with socialization and faster adoptions. And that’s what it’s all about!