Another PAWSitive Ending!

This story started nearly a year ago when America became Remi after her adoption.

Within a month she was already a fantastic addition to Nicole Louise Rabotski’s family. She learned many commands and skills, figured out that she loves her kitty brother, and loved her home. She instantly became one spoiled little pup!

According to Nicole,”We are thankful to your organization. We found the perfect pup for our adventurous family.”

But then we got this yesterday and it’s great news.

“I wanted to send you an update on a dog we rescued a year ago from you. We rescued a dog named America. Her name is now Remi. When we first got her, she was very shy and scared of a lot of things. If we moved too fast, she would hide. She wouldn’t cuddle up by us or even really let us pet her. Today, she is an energetic loving girl. She loves to cuddle up with us at night. She has learned so many tricks and commands. We can’t believe how smart she is. Her best friend is a cat named Mittens, who is almost as big as she is. We thank your organization every day for bringing our perfect pup into our lives. She fits in great.

Thank you! She has grown to be such a wonderful dog. Loves snow, chasing birds, and going to the dog park. When we first got her, she was terrified of the park, hated anything that moved and would refuse to go outside of it was even raining. She is so silly (making a nest with my blankets on the bed as we speak) we really appreciate your organization.

We saw many dogs but didn’t find one we loved until we came to you. She is the perfect fit for our little family. So thank you. We really mean it.” — Nicole Louise Rabotski