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Today we had a question about getting your dog to stop running after cars. Boy, can I relate!
Growing up we had a dog named George who delighted in chasing cars. This was when no one had air conditioning and so people drove with their windows open and on more than one occasion George jumped into people’s cars while they were at a stop light. Can you imagine the surprise and fear? Everyone knew where George lived and they would always bring him home but it could have ended in a tragedy for both George and a driver.
My dog was a runner so my first step was making sure my fence was dog proof. It was not and we had some really scary issues. We have a make-do section left to complete but it will be resolved soon and though the area is super ugly it has been effective and that’s all that matters.
Then I had to make sure my front entrance was secure on my very old original screen door. The house was built in 1875 and though we love the door the hardware was gone and it was nearly impossible to find a replacement piece in character with the age and design of the house.
We had not planned on getting a dog when we moved here so things like a fenced yard and a secure latch were not on our radar.
But we did get a dog and we quickly learned that he’s a runner and so ugly fence and boring latch it was because his safety and our sanity were more important than character.
We never let our dog go out to potty without us even though the yard is “secure.” He is a Houdini and can get through a sliver of a space. So we go with him. yes, even when it’s below zero. Every time we go out he is leashed unless it’s a dog park or some other wide open space with a fence.
We had to train him that if he heard someone at the door he had to sit and wait and not rush the door. Rewarding him for good behavior worked to a degree but what really worked was squirting him with a water bottle. He HATES water.
This article address why dogs chase cars and what you can do to stop that behavior. As the mother of four-legged runner I can tell you it’s really hard but it has to be done.
As always, a good trainer and a vet consultation could help as well.