PAWSitive Endings are the best! Love when they become family members so quickly. Sounds like the training will be a hit. Note Fritz on the bed where people sleep. He’s not spoiled or anything, right? Congratulations!

“It’s been a few weeks so I just thought I’d give you a quick update on how Henry (renamed Fitz) is doing.

He has blended beautifully with our family. He’s about 99% house broken with only an occasional accident when I don’t get up fast enough to let him out. He’s learned quite a few commands already and he’s attended doggy daycare a few times which he absolutely LOVES! He’s signed up to go once a week so he can continue to socialize with his doggy friends and make new ones along the way.
We start formal training classes in a few weeks which my 12 year old son is really looking forward to. He plans to continue training and eventually teach him agility.
He wasn’t overly fond of the car at first, but he’s my little sidekick that goes everywhere with me so he’s learned to enjoy it. Yesterday he even stuck his head out the car window for the first time.
As I’m sure you already know, he’s a GREAT dog! Thank you so much for rescuing him and giving our family the opportunity to watch him grow. It’s only been a few weeks, but it feels like he’s just always been a part of our family and it was just meant to be.
I’ve attached a photo from his first day of doggy daycare. Please keep up the great work you do!Kari Duter