The weekend was just stunning. The rain held off enough to do gardening. We gave away about sixty or seventy Hostas over the last couple of weeks and we still have more to get rid of. The cool thing about these plants as they grow in the worst soil, they grow like weeds, and they don’t require any pesticides.
We also have a native garden for butterflies and bees that don’t need anything to make them grow and you can get daily exercise by digging out the weeds versus poisoning.
We were gifted many plants from a friend who is changing her landscaping so it was a full weekend of work.
One area has invasive Dames Rockets and they are the worst. They are pretty, but they take over the yard and so I dug and shoveled and dug some more. My friend said the only way to rid us of those nightmare weeds is by poisoning them. I will admit to almost saying yes but then I thought of Coconut. Under the lilacs is his place, the area where he loves to wander and eventually take a snooze when it’s hot outside. No way would I spray anywhere in our yard.
Sadly, other home owners and landscape companies freely use pesticides when trying to get the perfect lawn or remove as many weeds as possible.
Pesticides and dogs are not good together. Here’s a list of symptoms to be aware of when it comes to your dog and pesticides. This is the perfect time of year to enjoy going on neighborhood walks with your best friend. Be aware of any signs set about announcing pesticide use and also find out of your neighbors use anything that might drift over to your yard.
There’s also causes and treatments and recovery in this article so if you have a dog please be aware that this is key pesticide season.