May is National Pet Month and while having a pet takes different forms, cats, rats, bunnies, snakes, pretty much any animal, reptile, or bird can be a pet for someone, at NEW PAWS is dogs, dogs, dogs.
If this any other year we’d have adoption days and fundraiser and a huge push to raise funds to rescue even more wonderful dogs looking for their special homes.
But we aren’t quite there yet in terms of bringing back all the fun events we did before 2020. But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate National Pet Month.
Adoptions are still going strong and that’s a good thing.
1. Celebrate by putting your pooch in an obedience class. Even an adult new-to-you dog needs training and a puppy really does.
2. Donate! Without events and grant sources not being strong we really count on individual donors like you to keep us going.
3. Donate to the Ruff Times Food Pantry here at NEW PAWSibilities. When times are difficult financially dogs and cats suffer, too. The quantity and quality of food and snacks decrease and that can lead to weight gain or loss and lots of health problems. Have an extra bag of dog food or a few times of cat food? Drop them off whenever we’re open. You can also order online and have them sent directly to us.
4. Put your dog in daycare or boarding! These services have always been how we are able to rescue so many dogs as they provided income to keep the lights on and to pay for our enormous vet bills. When we closed last March we didn’t know if or when those services plus boarding would open up again. We are happy to say that we are back in business, but if people aren’t working they are not using daycare and if they aren’t traveling they for sure aren’t boarding. That has hurt us and so if you or someone you know needs boarding, daycare, grooming, and pet supplies then please visit our site and learn more.
5. Of course, the number one way to celebrate National Pet Month is to be a responsible pet parent and that never changes no matter the month. Whether you adopted this weekend or many years ago it’s always in vogue to be a responsible parent.
So celebrate this month by playing with your dog, supporting NEW PAWS, telling others about us, and being the best dog mom or dog around. Your dog will appreciate it!