Those eyes. Doesn’t matter which breed, every single dog has those eyes and they are programmed to manipulate us with those eyes. Especially with food.
Our dogs are rescue dogs. I am convinced my dog was owned before and that he ran away and was gone and never found. It’s easy to imagine since dogs down south often go without identification and are rarely microchipped. And they are fast and able to run to an area where no one is looking for them.
Who knows how long Coconut was on his own, trying to make it home? He ran away plenty of times that first year he was ours. He didn’t run because we were bad parents or didn’t give him a great home. He ran for the joy of running.
While he was on the run back in Kentucky he likely had to scrounge for food, to stay safe from other dogs, to steal when he could. It helps me to understand why nothing is more important to him than food.
We feed him the recommended amount of nutritious food and the appropriate type and number of treats. I keep telling him and myself that he is not hungry. But it’s no longer about hunger and more about the memory of when he was hungry.
Begging is a tough one to break. You’ll have to decide if begging is okay for your dog and your home. It’s not our job to tell you how to raise your dog. But we do like to post educational articles from reputable sources like the American Kennel Club so that you know there are options.
Our way of dealing with begging might be different than yours. We choose to give Coconut his last chew stick on the night when we eat dinner and he is happy with that arrangement and so are we.
We all love our dogs and we want them healthy and with us for many years. What and when they eat will help us to have them with us. Ignore the eyes!