Yeah! The year is starting off with a story from Leo the Brave!
I’m Leo a husky mix adopted on 11/30/20. Ideally, I am to be trained as Gramma’s service dog but two things are holding me back. When I’m off-leash training to come when called (every time) I run the other way.
I’m trying to get Gramma to chase me but we’re a lot alike, both stubborn and sassy! She’s too stubborn to chase me and I’m too sassy to come back.
So she walks to the house and I return shortly. Not acceptable she tells me and then there is no treat although I’m still a “good boy” for returning. I know better but I’m so full of playfulness and unsure of what’s play and what’s work. I’m still 1 yr young and new here.
We go outside for a few different things and now I have a new vest that makes me feel pretty important. I get to wear it on walks and rides in the car.
The other thing that may flunk me for the service test is my high prey drive. Squirrels and cats are the same to me and there are two cats temporarily living here that get crazy if I get near which simply drives me crazy. You hiss and spit? I’ll bark. Do you run? I’ll chase. I’m a dog, it’s what I do!
Gramma calls me brave because I came from Kentucky into Wisconsin into a shelter and then into a whole new lifestyle.
That’s why I’m Leo The Brave
Thank you for listening to my journey through the first 30 days. Older stories were written and posted!”