Talk about a perfect match. I love this PAWSitive Ending story. We seriously have the best adopters around.
“Hello there. We adopted Henry (formerly Timmy) on November 14th, 2015. He was about 5 months old. I was not looking for another dog, but I saw his photo on your Facebook page and it was literally love at first sight. I was sure he would be adopted before I could get there the next day, but I called right before closing and learned he was still there.
He immediately got along with my 2 senior Goldens and 5-year old daughter. After looking over all of his papers, I noticed his birthday listed on the paperwork from Kentucky was the same as my daughter’s. It was meant to be! 
Your staff took the time to help me introduce him to my current dogs and within an hour, we were off to Henry’s new home!
He is the BEST and I can’t imagine finding another dog as perfect for our family as our Henry. Thank you for saving this amazing boy. ❤️” — Cristal Chambers