I have a friend who gave me permission to post her essay.

When I think of that horrible day when Coconut can no longer be with me I can’t stand it. How do people fall in love with a dog, bring it into their family, have that dog during life’s most important moments, and then not have the dog?

We recently addressed the topic of when our dogs pass away but we didn’t talk about when our dog’s canine friend is no longer here. Dogs to grieve.

“Don’t ever let anyone tell you that dogs don’t grieve. Our Silky is feeling much better now that the veterinarian has treated her. We actually used a new vet, who used a new treatment, and the improvement was immediate.

Yesterday morning, however, I was sitting at the breakfast table and mentioned to my husband that I had dreamed of her late sister, who died in late June. As soon as I said, “Coco Bean,” our Silky jumped up from her bed in the living room and bolted into the kitchen. She frantically ran around the room looking for her missing sister. It moved me to tears. When she didn’t find Bean, she came and laid her head in my lap.

I hated it, but we had to leave early and be gone all day. For the first time in memory, Silky did not greet us when we returned home. She didn’t greet our godson when he came home, either. He assumed it had to do with the allergy treatment until I explained. We gave her as much attention as she would allow, but she soon slipped off into our bedroom and her bed there. She obviously just wanted to be alone to miss her sister. She’s better today, but time has not dimmed her memory of Bean.”

Yes, dogs grieve. Cats grieve. We grieve. Here is an excellent article from the ASCPA about dogs and grief. We hope you will not need to refer to this or at least not for a long, long time.