We have dogs! Such a delightful variety today. Bios are on our site and here on individual Facebook posts.

We’re all trying to go about our lives and feel normal. I don’t know about you but it doesn’t feel normal. But my dog has been my savior during all of this. I have to get up to feed him. I have to exercise because I walk him. He senses when I need him and he comes closer to me. He sits with me as I read, as I work, and I watch TV.

My dog lets me talk about how much I hate masks, how sad that I am that my brother with a disease similar to Lou Gerhig’s is declining in Oklahoma and I can’t visit him. He listens when I share how much I worry that he will die before I can hug him in person and share funny stories. My dog might be secretly glad that my two-week visit home for the first time is canceled. He was going to board while we went to celebrate our anniversary in Hawaii,

The list is different but long for each of us. But our dogs help our mental health.

If you have been looking for a dog this is a great time to come and see us. Every dog here is a mental health provider!