When we first got Coconut I knew nothing about dogs and why they do what they did. We made an appointment with our vet as soon as possible to make sure he was healthy and what we should be looking at in terms of adding weight and anything else we had not thought about.
The staff at NEW PAWSibilities was so helpful in answering my fears and random questions about food, potty training, and behaviors that I prefer him not to have. We enrolled him in a six-week obedience class with Jodi at PAWSitive Directions and that’s when I discovered the classes were really for me and not so much for the dog and that only by practicing what I learned was the class worth what I had paid. And it’s also critical that everyone in the home does the same thing so as not to send mixed signals to the poor pooch.
We accomplished all of this within three months and then our dog was perfect. Right? Wrong! This was just the beginning of our journey to having a best friend who would be able to live in our home under our rules, not his, and to be able to a part of the community.
Getting to know your dog and training them at various stages is an ongoing process. Besides having their past experiences all dogs also have their own personalities and idiosyncrasies, just like humans. Depending on your desires and budget you can invest in in-person classes or individual training sessions for specific behaviors or even be trained as therapy dogs.
Most owners simply want a well-behaved companion dog and there are many online resources to help you with problem behaviors. We continue adding resources to our FAQ page and from time to time we’ll highlight some articles and videos that have been sent to us via one of the animal wellness organizations to which we belong.
The first one we’d like to share today is called “Why Does My Dog Do That?” and it’s about eighteen minutes of information some of you might appreciate. Just like with our children and even ourselves and other adults it’s important to know why our dogs do certain things. Understanding the whys can help us to build on our knowledge base which will ultimately help us have the best dog possible.
The second in the series is about “Introducing Dogs To One Another,” and the last one so far is Twelve Common Mistakes People Make With Their Dogs.”
I hope you find this series helpful.