Giving is not restricted to one day nor is it only about money. Money is how we pay rent and transport fees, and vet visits and spay and neuter surgery among many, many other things.
But then there’s the kind of giving that helps our dogs in such a way that the tears flow because of one little girl. Here’s the story. Kristy wrote this wonderful email and gave me permission to share it.
“Sadie is our dog that we just put down a week ago. I apologize in advance for the lengthy post to follow but felt like sharing something good today.
What started as a simple conversation about service project ideas for Confirmation turned into Madelyn using her birthday money to buy 14 throws for the dogs at NEW PAWSibilities.
We looked at their site to see how many current dogs they had and luckily there were exactly 14 throws on the shelf to purchase. She was SO excited to do this that we had to go directly there that night to make sure the doggies would be warm.
As we were leaving she said, “Mom, Sadie would be super proud of us right now.” My heart melted! Super proud of my caring and thoughtful 12 year old right now! 😍
This is what we call sacrificial giving. I don’t know how much money she had, what the blankets cost, or what plans Madelyn had for that birthday money. Every child has a plan for birthday money if they are at all like my grandson. None of that matters. What matters is that this girl who is at an age that many parents find challenging has been raised right.
Losing a beloved dog is harder than you’ll ever know unless it’s happened to you. Can you imagine being twelve-years-old, losing your dog, and then deciding to do something to honor that dog?
Thank you, Madelyn, for your sacrificial love, for giving up whatever you were saving for to help our dogs during these cold months. Knowing there are people like your family out there helping in so many ways makes everything we do worthwhile.
We are thankful to you and we wish you and your family the happiest of Thanksgivings!
P.S. These are not the blankets nor any of the 14 dogs. But they could be and we think they are all just as cute as the ones we have with us now!