Writing and posting bios on transport day is exhausting but fun. The fun part is imaging who will get each dog, how much that dog will come to mean to their families. The right dog in the right home is a perfect picture of love.

After a long, long day it’s fun getting pictures of that love in action. Thank you to Sarah Hovis for sending us your PAWSitive Ending and lots of photos. Perfect love is not easy in the beginning but when it clicks there’s nothing better.

“River has been with me for 3 months now, and what a journey it has been!

We’ve figured out stomach troubles, housebreaking, and minor food aggression. We’re working on conquering the high prey drive that emerged once her “shelter shock” wore off.

But we’ve also figured out walks, treats and toys are great, and having a brother/best friend to chase and start mischief with is the best.

This little girl is true to breed, may frustrate me with her stubbornness but never fails to make me laugh with her goofy antics. I can’t wait to see her continue to open up, and what she does in a Wisconsin winter!” — Sarah Hovis