We are excited for you to meet our adoptable dogs.  Whether you are looking for a puppy or a senior dog or a different age somewhere in between, we can help.

Adopting your next best friend could not be easier. All dogs are available on a first-come-first adopted basis. Same-day adoptions are very possible! Our adoption counselors are always eager to answer questions and make recommendations about our wonderful pups. If you have children or another dog please bring them to meet the dog before putting down a deposit We want the family dynamics to be right for all.

We require a completed and approved application before adoption.  Even if you are thinking this might not quite be the right time to add a furry friend to your family, it’s never too early to complete an application. Once you are approved you remain in our approved file for any new dogs we get in the future. Click on any adoptable dog to complete the online application.

The non-negotiable and non-refundable adoption fee for our dogs is $300.00/$350.00. Once you find “the one” you may either pay the complete adoption fee or put down a non-refundable 50% deposit. Adoption fees are only refundable if your application is denied. Fees include the cost of transporting each dog, including federally-mandated (USDA) interstate health certificates, up-to-date vaccinations, deworming and heartworm testing, spay/neuter surgery and microchipping of your dog.

We invite you to visit dogs in our private rooms seven days a week. Our adoption counselors are always eager to answer questions and make recommendations about our wonderful pups. If you have children or other pets we strongly urge you to bring them either to the first visit or before putting down a deposit. We want family dynamics to be right for all two and four-legged friends.

We are located at 2300 Algoma Blvd in Oshkosh. Please visit our website at www.newpawsibilities.com to learn more about all of our dogs, our adoption fees, and the process. All dogs are deleted as soon as they are adopted so always check first to make sure they are still available.

We are happy to accept a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to hold the dog for up to five days. Please understand that many people come in each day asking about the same dog. If you do not return, the dog is marked as adoptable and someone else could end up adopting that specific dog. We do offer board on a space-available basis at $20.00 per day if you are unable to bring home your dog after five days.

Common Adoption Q&A

Where are you located? When are you open?  May I adopt a dog if I don’t live nearby? We are located at 2300 Algoma Blvd. in Oshkosh, WI. We are open Monday through Friday from 11:00 – 4:45 and Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 – 3:45. Hours are subject to change. We ask that anyone wanting to visit with dogs arrive within thirty minutes before closing so that you have adequate time to spend with the dogs.

Is the dog I’m interested in still there?

All of our dogs are taken off the site as soon as a deposit or full adoption fee has been paid. We do not take multiple deposits or hold dogs. Our site is updated in real-time. To check and see if a dog is still with us visit https://www.newpawsibilities.com/adoptable-dogs/.

Will my dog be potty trained?

The short answer is, yes or no. We say that because these are rescue dogs and we rarely have the history on each dog. When we have answers we will post them directly into the bio. Many of our dogs were potty trained in their own homes but there will always be a period of time where they need to communicate their need to them and you need to figure out scheduling that works for you. It doesn’t take long in most cases but we never promise that any dog is potty trained.

What is kennel cough and does my dog have it?

The vast majority of dogs who come to us from Kentucky are strays who have been out in the open and so it’s not unusual for them to have kennel cough, one of the world’s most widespread canine diseases. The main symptom is the cough which has been described as “unproductive, throat-clearing, goose-honking, hacking, dry, harsh, gut-wrenching, gagging, wheezing, and croup-like.” Despite its appearance, a typical case of kennel cough is not life-threatening and will usually run its course within ten to fourteen days depending on the severity though the cough could continue for a few more weeks. It is about a three-week experience until the coughing pretty much ends. 

We include a handout on kennel cough in every adoption packet along with a host of other important information. Please read the packet and always call or email if you have questions or concerns.

I’ve heard about worms in dogs. Does my dog have worms.

It’s not uncommon for dogs to get worms at some point in their lives. Being rescues in close proximity to other dogs in the high-kill shelter  all dogs are de-wormed in Kentucky. When they arrive here all dogs are treated again to insure that both the adult and babies are killed and that your dog is worm-free. Dogs get worms in many different ways and it’s easily treatable. This is one reason it is important to look at your dog’s poop to see any inconsistencies such as blood, mucus, or even wiggly worms. If you do at any time call your vet. Here is an excellent article on worms.  https://www.petmd.com/dog/general-health/evr_dg_intestinal_worms_in_dogs

How does my dog get along with other dogs and children?

Because they are rescues we don’t know but if we have gotten that information we will share that in the bio. We highly recommend bringing children and your other dog (s) for a meet and greet. The dogs will meet outdoors. It will take a little time but most situations work out beautifully.

How does my dog get along with cats?

We have no idea. If he doesn’t come with that information we won’t know for a while and only if he runs into our shelter cat. Usually, if there is a known problem the Kentucky shelter lets us know.

Why is my deposit non-refundable?

We do not take multiple deposits and hold dogs. Once we take the deposit or the full price the system automatically removes the dog from the available dogs from inventory. Anyone looking for a dog will no longer have the opportunity to see that dog if it off of the site. Because we allow people to wait up to five days to bring their dog home that is a huge lost opportunity for the dogs.

Is my dog crate trained?

A large majority of our dogs are adopted within days or a week. If we have that information we will include it in the bio. We only use kennels for transporting and at bedtime. The rest of the time the dogs are allowed to free play and to use the doggy door to go potty.

The shelter environment is much different than your home, so expect the unexpected. We do our best to help find the right pet for you, but your new dog may act differently on your turf than he/she did on ours.

We always recommend crate training, exercise, playtime, and a regular schedule for potty breaks when bringing a new dog into your home.

Adjustment takes time for both you and your new family member, so remember to be patient and enjoy this new and exciting time!

For more post-adoption questions please these three links on our website.