We love DNA reports! We’ll add this to PAWSitive Endings, too. If you decide to do a DNA test let us know. We love posting the results.
“Atlas now known as Duke has his DNA results. We adopted him after Lucy Lui. He is a rat terrier mixed with a Tibetan Spaniel. He came to us as a Retriever, Black Labrador/Mix. How fun to know the real mix.
Duke is definitely energetic. He loves his sister and recently found the water for a swim. Oh yeah, did I forget to say he even brought me a mouse? He was a bit hard to potty train (well harder than Lucy) but has conquered it. We love them so much. This dog, let me tell you, is a sweet lite boy and loves to snuggle and bury into your arms. We wouldn’t have got anymore lucky with our two adopted fur babies. Thank you N.E.W. Pawsabilitirs. They have found a special place in our hearts.” — Jodi Gray