I wonder about my dog’s life before he was rescued. Today I finished off a roll of paper towels. I was going to give it to Coconut to chew. He saw me with it and took off running. As I approached thinking he saw it as a game it was obvious he was terrified. We have never hit him and so this reinforces my belief that he once had a home. I am convinced they hit him. He also hates to be held. Maybe he was restrained.
I’m glad NEW PAWS rescued him and that we have him now. I get so angry thinking of all of the dogs who are not only not loved and adored but treated badly. Breaks my heart.
Do you ever wonder about your fur baby’s life before he was yours?
Thank you for adopting and loving your pups. And shame on whoever hurt them before they were ours. I know not every dog was hurt, many had a loving home and people could not afford them or they moved. There are dozens of reasons people decide a dog doesn’t work for them any longer.
Thank goodness for shelters and adopters.
Who could hurt this sweet little guy?