You Get to Be A Hero

Saving a life feels good. Our dogs all come from a high-kill shelter with a ticking clock. Adoption is literally life-saving. By adopting from NEW PAWSibilities you are giving a dog a second chance at a wonderful life.

Unconditional Love Forever

Shelter dogs come in all shape, sizes, breeds, and personalities. You’ll find the perfect dog to fit your lifestyle. A rescue knows they are better off with you than without. In exchange for a little, you’ll get a beautiful and unique companion that will show gratitude in countless ways.

You Can Choose from a Great Selection of Dogs

Dogs end up in shelters for many reasons such as financial, a move to a place that doesn’t allow dogs or the owner’s health to name a few. While some rescue dogs come to us with anxiety, injuries, and other issues, by the time we give them the time and love to adjust they are healthy and well-behaved and able to transition into their new home. We have a diverse population featuring all types of breeds from puppies to seniors.

You Help Fight Animal Cruelty

Puppy mills and unethical breeders are among the worst legislated pet industries and produce unhealthy and poorly socialized pets. Adoption is a humane way to not only give a homeless dog a place to live but to help put commercial dog breeding facilities and backyard breeders out of business.

You’ll Inspire Others to Adopt

When others meet your dog and see how successful it has been you may encourage them to adopt from NEW PAWSibilities instead of going through a store or breeder. Nothing like giving your friends superpowers so that they can be a hero just like you.

Adopting Helps to Control Pet Over-Population

For every one pet who finds a new family through adoption, we are able to bring in up to three additional dogs needing a new home and lots of love. As great as that is, the most cost-effective and humane way out of pet overpopulation begins with shelter spay/neuter programs and every dog at NEW PAWSibilities is fixed as part of the adoption process.

You’ll Save Money

For an adoption fee of $300.00 every dog is appropriately vaccinated, dewormed, heartworm tested, given flea and tick preventatives, microchipped for identification, and spayed or neutered at the appropriate age. Purchasing a puppy through a store or breeder ends up costing significantly more. Veterinarian charges for what we include often range between $700 to $1,000 excluding the dog purchase price!