One of the things I do at NEW PAWSibilities is creating content for Facebook and also the blog section of our website. Some of the things I write are based on my need for knowledge since I am such a newbie to a being owned by a dog. Other ideas come from questions people ask. Without a doubt, the number series of questions asked are these. “How much are your dogs? Why aren’t the dogs free? How much profit do you guys get from selling your dogs?”

How much profit do you guys get from selling your dogs?”

I’ll start with the easiest one first. Rescue Centers like NEW PAWSibilities do not sell dogs and we do not “make money.” The best we can do is to try and cover some of our costs while placing dogs in the best home possible. In fact, because approximately only two percent of the dogs we rescue are spayed or neuter the adoption fees do not cover the true cost of what it takes to ensure all of our dogs are ready for adoption.

“How much are your dogs? The non-negotiable and non-refundable adoption fee for our dogs is $300.00. The only exception to this fee is if someone chooses to help sponsor the cost of dog because they can’t bring a dog into their home at this time but they would like the dog to find a home. To meet our Featured Dogs please visit

Why aren’t the dogs free?” Fees are used to give our dogs the best of care while they are with us. A portion of the adoption fee also goes towards the cost of transporting each dog, including federally-mandated (USDA) interstate health certificates.

Because we want to make sure every dog adopted is healthy and ready to live a wonderful new life, all dogs are appropriately vaccinated, dewormed, heartworm tested, and given flea and tick preventatives. The adoption fee also helps cover any additional medical treatments that may be needed such as respiratory infections, skin conditions, orthopedic consultations, and surgery.  The fee also includes spay/neuter of all dogs over six months or a certificate for the surgery at our vet once your dog is six months. All dogs are microchipped for identification if your dog is ever lost.

The big question, the one few people ask outright, is “How do you guys survive if you lose money on every adoption?” Great question! The short answer is, you. The majority of people who adopt from us choose to make an additional donation which we appreciate. These funds go to our never-ending vet bills. We are blessed to have a vet who gives us discounted rates for services, but well over seventy-five-percent of the adoption fee goes directly to making sure all of the dogs we rescue are healthy, happy, and fixed.

In the past, we’ve had generous friends who have done fundraisers and that has helped tremendously. This year we will be adding additional fundraisers which we will host ourselves. Stay tuned for announcements on our events page and Facebook posts for more information about how you can help and attend.

We are starting to look into grants. These are competitive but we believe our story and the work we do will help us to receive project-specific funds that will allow us to grow and save even more dogs.

In-kind donations of services and products are essential and we have a solid group of companies who help. We can always use more! We’ll be posting on Facebook and our site specifically what we need. If you know of a company who can help please let us know!

Volunteering is a wonderful way to stretch our resources whether in the shelter, via social media, at fundraisers, doing phone work, and more. This year we’re working towards getting a volunteer coordinator to help us in this area. Volunteers make a huge difference. If there’s a way you would like to help please let us know.

The start of a new year is historically a time when people think about the changes they would like to see in their lives. For some, it’s adding a dog to their family. Others are interested in getting more active in their communities. Whatever your reason for caring about NEW PAWSibilities and the communities we serve we are glad you care. When all is said and done, all we do is because of dogs who need to be rescued and you continue to be a gigantic part of our success. Thank you.