Operation Santa Paws is an annual designation observed from December 1st to December 24th. During this holiday season, the goal is to show a little extra love to our furry friends whom we love with all our hearts.

One of our NEW PAWS family did just that without even knowing that we are in the midst of Operation Santa Paws.

“I’m doing twenty-five days of kindness with my kids and we are making dog biscuits for shelter dogs,” messaged the mother of three. “Could we come by tomorrow and bring some treats for the dogs there?

As if that wasn’t enough, she said they were also interested in meeting with a specific dog and maybe even a few of them. They would stop by after school the following day if that was possible.

We get many people who offer to volunteer or stop by with much-needed supplies. Sadly, they don’t all come through but this precious family did and it was exciting for all and much appreciated.

Here’s her email and pictures because they say is all.

Dear NEW PAWSibilities Staff,

“Oh, thank you, thank you for letting us come in and meet some of the dogs and give you our biscuits. It was such a fantastic experience for the kids and a lot of fun. We loved all the pups we got to meet and we hope that the rest of your dogs enjoy the cookies. My son (the three year old) was telling me on the ride home that he wants to build a big house and bring all the dogs home so they can play and snuggle with us (he also asked no less then 1,000 times if we could go back and get ‘his’ puppy and bring her home). I love the way dogs can bring out empathy in even the wildest toddlers. I am attaching some photos from our visit today. Feel free to use them as you see fit.”

Carrissa Rivara Sorenson

P.S. “My son is fighting bedtime tonight because he’s so excited about the dogs. It was a great experience.”

Many, many thanks to the Sorenson family for your generous gift from the heart. Your creativity and hard work and the fun time you spent with our dogs is a special time we all appreciate. Your children are great and you are obviously doing a fantastic job of sharing the most important things about Christmas.