Andrea, aren’t dogs and kids the best combination when it works? Happy Thanksgiving and we are so appreciative of the fact that we got to be a tiny part of your journey.

“We adopted Mya before we had kids, and we’re so thankful that she is so good with them! She was “Holly,” adopted January 2014.”




“This is Ludo our Bassett mix, formally known as Duke, we adopted him about 4 yrs ago and am thankful that he is a goofy boy and makes me laugh every day.”




Thank you, Nicole, for chiming in when asked about your Thanksgiving blessings. Beautiful dogs!

“On the left is Bella, adopted three years ago. Thankful for both of my fur babies because I’m never lonely and it’s never a dull moment with the two of them around. They have tons of energy to play together and then settle down and love to cuddle! And thankful they hit it off immediately and are the best of friends!”



Jodi, I am so thankful we were a small part of your healing. Dogs are the best and you have a great one!

“This is Ava! Adopted almost six years ago. She helped me through my divorce! Wouldn’t trade her for the world!!”



Kristen, this is a new baby for you! Just a few weeks and already settling in. Congratulations and thank you for allowing us to help.

“Thankful for Daisy (fka Analilah). Adopted today!”