Maybe it’s just me, but the shorter days and colder weather make me sad. Well, maybe not sad, but less happy and joyful. The darkness in any given year is difficult, but as we continue in pandemic mode with all of the losses we’ve collectively experienced it’s really hard.
I don’t know how I would ever have survived living in Wisconsin without my dog. Don’t get me wrong. Wisconsin has lovely things about it but it’s just not home for me. The flat terrain, the lack of an ocean, the flora and fauna that are so different, and the food. Don’t get me started on food!
We adopted Coconut on October 20 right before our first winter. I looked it up and Coconut has been part of our family for 1453 days. And counting.
He’s licked my tears, kept my feet warm while I curled on the sofa and read, kept me company on the long winter nights when Gary worked, and understood my fear when Gary had two different cancer surgeries and a hip replacement last year. He even defected from me to Gary as my husband grieved the loss of his son due to Covid. Coconut seemed to know who needed him more.
Dogs are incredibly intuitive and aware of their surroundings. They know when their person is sad and can pick up on stress when their household is in chaos.
When people think of adopting a dog it’s often to take advantage of the wonderful weather times. Biking, hiking, running, dog parks, being on the water or even in the water, and patio dining just to mention a few. But dogs are perfect year round no matter what. They just make life better.
Winter will always be my least favorite season and I don’t know that Wisconsin will ever feel like home. But I do know that with my dog it’s better than it would be than without.