Every day people live their lives going to jobs they may or may not like, enjoying their children, worrying about bills, falling in love. Every day is comprised of little and bigger moments, but most days are pretty much the same until they aren’t.

A dear friend, a member of our dog-loving NEW PAWS community, lost her mom this week. She quietly slipped away. I am glad she has her dog to comfort her during this time. She also has friends which include a small group of animal lovers. When she shared her story with these friends they decided to donate in memory of my friend’s mom, a lifelong animal lover.

To some, this was a small donation but for this little group with a meager budget, it was actually quite generous. That check went to NEW PAWSibilities.

This week we received a larger check from someone who sees us continually struggle to accomplish our mission of rescuing dogs from untenable situations down south. They see us come up short on vet bills and do so much with so little. In our world, this was a large donation. For other shelters, it was the kind of donations routinely receive.

Both of these donations are equally appreciated and we wanted to come up with a way to celebrate how far we have come with the support of you and so many who have come before you. We also wanted to honor all of the incredibly special dogs.

We started with our Lucky 13 dogs and here we are today with 13 dogs. Thanks to these gifts we are going to try and clear the shelter! We are on a quest to find homes for 13 dogs by July 13th! We never have sales, we don’t give away dogs. But for these three days, all dogs at NEW PAWS will be $150.00! That’s a 50% discount off our regular adoption fee. Rusty who is already a sponsored dog will be $100.00.

How awesome is this? We are hopeful that together we can spread the word that every dog is $150.00 until the end of business day on Saturday, July 13th.

Help us celebrate our Lucky 13 and turn these 13 to even luckier dogs.

13 dogs. 3 days.